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Shes sexy and she knows it ;) 


- Look magazine

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Tulisa and Gareth 

Judges Houses

X Factor 2012

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Tulisa and Tinie 

at Judges houses

X Factor 2012

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Look Magazine

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Live it up 

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The alternative video for live it up 

the 24-year-old pop star has exclusively released to MailOnline an alternative version of her new music video for her second solo single, Live It Up.

The new version of the music video shows Tulisa in a darkened nightclub, performing for fans that are filming her for the final cut of the video.

Read more:—Live-It-Up.html#ixzz259TJeK00

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The X Factor judge took to the stage in a silver and black bandage dress by Lipsy at the Ultra Sound music festival in Tamworth.

you can no longer buy this dress from lipsy as this stock is not in store anymore they have a new style dress, 

you can however buy this beautiful number from 

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